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Functional medicine tree


'Restoring balance to an individual’s external environment and fundamental internal physiological processes is the key to restoring health'

  • Functional Medicine is a framework for personalised medicine which focuses on prevention and underlying causes instead of a 'quick fix' of symptoms as in  conventional medicine.

  • Our biology is a complex interconnection of hormones, neurotransmitters, enzymes and cellular biochemical reactions.  If any become dysfunctional and imbalanced, the body may move away from homeostasis and cause ill health.

  • It is now clear that chronic diseases such as Autoimmune diseases are complex with multiple aetiologies.

  • Scientific research of chronic disease is moving too fast for changes to be incorporated into clinical care and teaching which has remained fairly static for 50 years in conventional medicine. 

  • Genes and Nutrients interact, individuals express unique nutritional needs depending on their genetics, lifestyle, and environmental exposure.

  • No 'one size fits all' in Functional medicine, the practitioner will 'dig, dig and dig' further until they find the root cause and any potential problems.  They will work with individuals to remove these causes and restore a balance using lifestyle and nutritional tools leading to optimal health.                

The Institute of Functional Medicine                                

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