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There is no generic diet or supplement for Autoimmunity.  Every case is individual.  It is important to dig and dig deeper, to understand the key mechanisms underlying your Autoimmunity.  This is achieved by understanding your medical history, triggers, symptoms, sensitivities, genetics and test results.   A combination of nutrition, lifestyle and nutraceuticals will be recommended.  These recommendations must be adhered to and assessed regularly over a defined period of time, dependent on the personalised programme. Sadly, Autoimmune conditions often develop over many years, therefore time and patience are required to identify and implement the changes that may help you manage your Autoimmunity going forward. 

[Please note that Lab tests and supplements will be additional to the costs below]

Online Consultation


15 mins (free)

A brief discovery call to discuss your symptoms to see if I can help and for you to ask any questions.

Consultations: Text


90 mins (£90)

You will receive a welcome email including a comprehensive health questionnaire and a 3-day diet diary to complete. These must be emailed back in advance of the consultation together with copies of previous blood test results or any other health information you may have which may be useful.

The 90 minute consultation will be a deep dive into your health history and symptoms and will give you a chance to tell your story. This is invaluable as it helps me to understand the root causes and triggers.  We will discuss testing options, dietary changes, lifestyle modifications and supplementation.  I will also explain the mechanisms & biology underlying Autoimmunity specific to your case.

You will receive a copy of your Health Plan and additional useful information relevant to your case within 3 working days. 


60 MINS (£60)

The follow-up consultation will be scheduled according to the requirements of your Health Plan and agreed together.  This consultation will allow us to discuss how you got on with changes made and any lab results which require discussion.


Autoimmune clients can be very sensitive to changes and often have very complex cases.  To re-balance the immune system, heal the gut and address sensitivities we may have to trial various strategies to hone the most effective approach for you.  This will take time.  In addition, you may be taking medications alongside the recommendations.  Therefore it is imperative that I track your progress in between consultations and we can discuss how this will work best for both of us going forward.

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